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Category: Women’s Health
Commercial name: Fosamax
Active ingredient: Alendronic Acid
Production form: Pills
Available dosage: 10 mg, 35 mg, 70 mg

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Fosamax. Dosage, Side Effects, Interactions


Fosamax Once Weekly 70 mg Tablets contains the active substance alendronic acid . Also to be considered is the special effect of Fosamax once a week 70 mg tablets .

Alendronic acid is used primarily to treat bone loss Target group are women after menopause and men with bone structure disorders.

Blood counts , liver function, kidney function, calcium and phosphate levels in the blood should be checked regularly in patients taking alendronic acid.

More detailed information is available on the following areas of application of alendronic acid :

  • osteoporosis

Also read the information on the drug groups bisphosphonates , osteoporosis drugs , to which the active ingredient alendronic acid belongs.

  • Osteoporosis in postmenopausal women to prevent the risk of fractures in the bones of the spine and hip bones

Dosage of Fosamax

One tablet should be taken once a week in the morning at least 30 minutes before breakfast or during the day not with meals, but at least two hours apart from food (including drinks). After swallowing the tablet whole, you should stand or sit for 30 minutes. A glass of drinking water (no mineral water) is allowed for admission.

The drug contains the following non-active ingredients:

  • croscarmellose sodium
  • lactose
  • magnesium stearate
  • Microcrystalline cellulose

Very common side effects:
Esophagitis; lack of calcium in the blood; phosphate deficiency in the blood.

Common side effects:
abdominal pain ; stomach irritation; dysphagiachest pain; Heartburn; feeling of fullnessconstipationdiarrheaflatulencenausea and vomiting; damage to the esophageal mucosa; Muscle aches; headache; bone pain; joint pain.

Uncommon side effects:
rash ; skin redness; skin swelling; itching ; eye dermatitis; stomach inflammation; duodenum inflammation; gastric and duodenal ulcers; bleeding of the digestive tract; narrowing of the esophagus; throat ulcers.

Rare side effects:
jaw bone loss; fever

Side effects without details of frequency:
increase in liver values; Local irritation of the mucous membranes in the oral cavity and throat.

Alendronic acid can possibly trigger severe bone, joint and/or muscle pain with sometimes severe limitations in mobility. The symptoms appeared one day to several months or even years after the start of therapy and went away in most patients after the therapy was discontinued. The doctor should be informed if such pain occurs and must then decide whether the treatment should be stopped temporarily or permanently.

In recent years, with long-term use of Bisphosphonates have repeatedly been observed to fracture femurs at unusual locations. Patients should therefore contact their doctor if they have any concerns and especially if they experience pain in the thigh area.

Taking the active ingredient can result in an increased risk of inflammation of the iris (uveitis) or dermis (scleritis). If red eyes, pain and sensitivity to light occur, a doctor should be consulted.

The absorption of alendronic acid into the body can be reduced by food and drink. This can also happen when taking calcium , magnesium or iron (minerals) as well as when acid-binding agents (antacids) and some other medicines.

Therefore, a time interval of 30 minutes must always be observed after taking alendronic acid.

If you are hypersensitive to alendronic acid, medication containing alendronic acid should not be taken. It should also not be used in the case of diseases of the esophagus or malfunctioning kidneys.

Alendonic acid can only be used after a strict risk/benefit analysis by the doctor and under his/her supervision for swallowing disorders, changes in the mucous membrane in the esophagus (Barrett’s oesophagus), inflammation of the gastric mucosa ( gastritis ) and inflammation of the duodenum. An undersupply of calcium in the blood (hypocalcaemia), gastric bleeding, vitamin D deficiency, surgical interventions in the oral cavity, pharynx and esophagus must be ruled out before the start of therapy.

Patients who cannot stand or sit upright for at least 30 minutes should not use medicines containing alendronic acid. There is a risk of irritation of the esophagus when lying down after ingestion.

Use on pregnant and breastfeeding women is not permitted because there has not been enough experience to date. So far, however, no harmful effects on the unborn child have been found in animal experiments. Since it is not known whether alendronic acid is excreted in breast milk, breast-feeding must be discontinued.

What to consider with children

For alendronic acid as well as all others Bisphosphonates , there is still too little experience in the use of children. Therefore, alendronic acid should not be used in children.

  • During treatment with the drug, regular blood counts must be checked by a doctor.
  • The drug should not be used on fresh fractures.
  • The drug should be taken in an upright position and one should not lie down for 30 minutes afterwards.
  • During treatment, an adequate supply of calcium and vitamin D3 must be ensured (possibly through appropriate medication).
  • If pain occurs in the thigh area, a doctor should be consulted.
  • If the eyes become red, painful or sensitive to light, consult a doctor immediately.

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10 mg, 35 mg, 70 mg


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